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  • Birmingham, AL
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SAP Senior Consultant - Logistics

The SAP Senior Consultant will introduce SAP systems and SAP modules to our customers. In doing so, the SAP Senior Consultant will work out the requirements with their colleagues and the customer and implement them by themself in the customer system. The SAP Senior Consultant specifies necessary developments for the developers working directly on-site in the team. The SAP Senior Consultant coordinates technical and organizational topics with customers, developers and technicians. The SAP Senior Consultant familiarizes Consultants and Junior Consultants from the team with the scope. The work usually takes place at the customer site, which means traveling is not a problem. The SAP Senior Consultant will then take over more substantial project tasks in the areas of business process improvement and optimization, training, documentation, and reporting. Also, the SAP Senior Consultant will work on day to day support and maintenance tasks. The actual tasks may differ between the different projects the consultant is assigned to, but usually range within the tasks mentioned above.

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