• Full-Time
  • $ 80,000 - 100,000+
  • Birmingham, AL
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Materials Manager

What you need

  • Ensure material availability issues are proactively managed in a manner that does not impact production.
  • Ensure all scheduled events are occurring in a timely manner (i.e. Sending of: releases, ASNs, pull sheets, cycle counts, etc.)
  • Establish and follow procedures that will assure that all premium freight costs are minimized.
  • Establish and follow procedures that will assure that material shortages do not impact production.
  • Eliminate obsolescence, develop & implement procedures to insure obsolescence are minimized or eliminated.
  • Ensure that the materials team operates within its approved budget.
  • Provide professional customer service as direct liaison to customers from a materials perspective.
  • Provide Measurable data in various formats (charts, graphs, etc.).
  • Assure that material processes are in place and being followed at all times.
  • Provide direction and support to supervisory personnel in their responsibilities.
  • To facilitate the use of manpower in an efficient and effective manner.
  • To assure the use of quality policies, safety protocol, pull systems, JIT manufacturing, WPO, new program development and ISO standards at all times.
  • To track manpower and maintenance schedules with accumulated paperwork.
  • Oversee raises and hiring of materials personnel.
  • Provide effective communication between internal departments using e-mail and other written documentation.
  • Drive the use of CIT to eliminate waste and make process improvements.
  • Ensure all material is being rotated in compliance with FIFO process.

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